Hi, I’m Pippa Porcupine, and welcome to my Damn Fine Natural Skincare Co.

I do handmade skincare – made of plants – not made of poison – not tested on animals – tested on my mum – available in vegan.

I should probably make a logo.

I like plants, I love making potions, and my skin was garbage. So I started making plant based potions for healing and for pleasure. I use natural ingredients that I am certain won’t poison me.

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Seriously, I love potions.

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Luckily I’m a nice witch. I like flowers.

I do not use petrochemical byproducts, artificial fragrances, added colours, weird preservatives, any unnecessary or unhealthy bullshit. I don’t use animal stuff except from bees, because we need people to grow millions more bees ASAP.

I try to source ingredients ethically, looking for organic, local, fairtrade, and other ways of working with the least negative impact on people and the planet at each stage of the process from planting to packaging to purchasing. Capitalism still sucks though, so don’t get too smug. This is just the lesser of many evils.

I literally just started this damn fine corporation. This blog is currently a total clusterfuck under construction. I apologize for that.

I have a few products up and available to order now. Check the home page.

Skin Unfucking Balm started this. I made it, and people wanted to buy it. So, being easily swayed, I had to give the people what they wanted. And of course I had to make a vegan version as well.

If you are ordering from outside the UK, please Contact Me, so I can calculate postage. I haven’t figured that level of e-commerce design out yet. You should have heard the swearing it took just to make one of these buttons:

Vegan Skin Unfucking Salve (15ml) – £3.00

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Technology may not be my strong point, but coming up with ridiculous product names is.

Coming very soon: