Dr. Frankenstein’s Frankincense Monster Moisturiser


£6.50 (30ml)
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Has your skin become a monster and turned against its creator? Are you searching for the science to bring your face back to life? Want to make your skin feel like a beautiful creation? Then try this monstrously moisturising pot of goodness.

giphy (19).gif
Your skin will feel so alive. No mad scientist or weird lab necessary.

This is a luxuriously thick moisturising cream with the cell rejuvenation powers of frankincense, pure organic coconut oil and Shea butter, soothing, vitamin-filled aloe vera, and oil balancing jojoba. Oh, and vitamin E. Need those skin vitamins. This really is monstrously moisturising, and also smells delicious. It will protect your skin from the elements, from drying office air-con to the ice of the Arctic.
I would call this an anti aging cream, but that whole concept is bollocks. Time can’t be stopped. All you can do to remain youthful is keep on smiling, maintain your curiosity, and drink enough water. Oh, and moisturise.
I’d call this a night cream, or an eye cream, but who am I to command you when or where to use your cream? It’s your face and your body. I’m not the boss. These are just ideas. I put this stuff all over myself, and it’s one of the few moisturisers that doesn’t make my face immediately break out. There’s something to be said for healing and balancing oily skin, rather than burning all the oil off with harsh cleansers and then wondering why your face is so angry. (Yes, it took me a long while to learn that lesson.)

This is the first moisturiser Pippa Porcupine has launched, but it’s the second product I ever made, and I’ve been using it ever since. It’s one of my proudest creations. Now I have some nice glass lotion jars, and it’s ready to be unleashed upon the world!

30ml Pot – £6.50
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100% vegan and cruelty free. (Except for the cruelty of unleashing this terrible extended literature-related joke on the world.)

Ingredients: Shea butter*, cold pressed virgin coconut oil, organically grown aloe vera gel (contains Vitamin C and potassium sorbate), golden jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Frankincense Essential Oil

* certified organic

giphy (20).gif

Disclaimer: Not actually made by Doctor Frankenstein, or any other medically qualified persons. Although, look how well his work turned out, you can’t really trust doctors these days can you? They meddle with things us mortals should leave alone.  Reanimation not guaranteed. Pippa Porcupine takes no responsibility for your medical ethics or lack thereof. With sincere apologies to the estate of Mary Shelley.

Warning: Creations given inadequate guidance may turn against their creators and/or be attacked by angry villagers. Please love all the monsters you make.

30ml Pot – £6.50
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