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£4.50 (15ml)
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Do you long for the exotic taste of chai on your lips, all day every day?
Do you love tea, cardamom, cloves and other sensual spices?
Do you long for the spiritual and cultural experiences of India, but are too poor and/or busy to actually go there any time soon? Or indeed are you in India right now, but somehow still have insufficient chai in your life? Is there even such thing as “enough chai”?
Do you want nourishing, spice infused, organic cold pressed coconut oil, cacao and shea butters to moisturise your lips with deliciousness?
Then you’ll love this Chai lipbalm!

Why not try it right now?
£4.50 (15ml)

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100% Vegan
Ingredients: Tea, cardamon, clove, cinnamon and black pepper infused coconut oil*, cacao butter*, shea butter*, Vitamin E, cinnamon leaf and vanilla essential oils

*certified organic

Disclaimer: Will not aid you in Empire building. Will not provide spiritual enlightenment. Will not make you better at yoga. Will not enable you to wrap a sari or wear one with dignity (I wish I had this power).
This lip balm is not a religious or medical product, and is not created in harmony with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Yogis, or Sadhus. Will not open your third eye, do it your damn self.

£4.50 (15ml)

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