Tangy Ting Vegan Lipbalm

Tangy Ting Vegan Lip Balm (15ml)
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It’s tangy. It’s tingy. It’s a nourishing shiny beautiful balm that will make your lips feel as shiny and happy as the sun.giphy (12).gif

Awaken yourself with this 100% vegan, 100% awesome balm.

Only £4.50, that’s like crazy good value. It’s the same as a pint (a fancier pint, not Carlsberg, get some taste), but will also help to protect your lips for weeks or even months. Alcohol can really dry out your lips, so try this.

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Cold pressed virgin coconut oil*, Fairtrade shea butter*, extra virgin cold pressed olive oil*, cold pressed almond oil*, jojoba oil, candelilla wax, Vitamin E, sweet orange & lemongrass essential oils

Sweet Orange – Smells like Cointreau and sunshine, uplifting, balancing, detoxifying through encouraging lymph and blood circulation, warming. Boosts collagen production, so may help in preventing you from looking dead old. Anti-inflammatory, reviving.

Lemongrass – Cleansing and reviving, antiviral so may even help with the herpes, healing, kills candida, removes ghosts, reminds me of delicious Thai food. Dispels negative energies and may act as ghost repellant.

giphy (14).gifBehold the awesome power of the ORANGE!

Tangy Ting Vegan Lip Balm (15ml)

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giphy (13).gif

Disclaimer: Tangy Ting Vegan Lip Balm is not a medical device. Will probably not actually cure herpes or any other unfortunate disease you may have. For external use only. Not tested on animals, plants or ghosts. Not licensed for sale in the UK, EU, USA or any other territory. Not licensed in any manner, really. It’s not like there’s a lip balm licensing authority, is there? Please note, if you don’t drink enough water, all the balm in the world won’t save your lips, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. If irritation develops, discontinue use and throw product into swift-flowing water during a New Moon. 


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